Zach Krohne established Krohne Tanks and Ponds in 1997 to provide quality, personalized aquarium maintenance and aquarium cleaning services including continued care and feeding. Whether you need a freshwater aquarium or a complete balanced reef environment, we are your source for aquarium systems that provide years of enjoyment and relaxation.

With skills acquired through 20 years of experience, Krohne Tanks and Ponds will bring the beauty and tranquility of underwater landscapes to your home and/or office. The individual design of each aquarium reflects the effort to create a natural underwater habitat of plants and animals.

Each custom-designed aquarium utilizes specially fabricated filtration and plumbing systems including virtual surge program(s) and intense sun-simulation, which recreate a natural ocean-like feel.  Each aquarium assembly includes the highest quality protein skimmers, water circulation pumps, water “top-off” systems, and chemical dosing to automate the needs of a typical aquarium and minimize your daily responsibility.

In addition to our vast marine experience, Krohne Tanks and Ponds also services and maintains outdoor ponds and lobster tanks. Start enjoying the beauty of an aquarium without the hassle of maintenance.

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Services Highlights

  • Custom aquarium installation (nationwide)
  • Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly aquarium maintenance service
  • Problem solving, equipment repair, quieting techniques
  • Remote water quality and power monitoring
  • Consultation and guidance for contractors
  • Instructional lessons for upkeep and care of aquarium/ponds
  • Health, safety, quality, and independent inspections
  • Emergency response within 24 hours
  • Gift setups and live stocking of aquariums
  • Pond maintenance plans
  • Lobster tank care & maintenance
  • Jellyfish tank care & maintenance
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Why hire us?


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Krohne Tanks and Ponds specialize in custom aquarium design, aquarium installation, and aquarium maintenance services for residential and commercial. We work closely with today’s manufacturers to bring you cutting-edge equipment and the highest quality livestock and products.  Knowledgeable representatives provide honest, reliable service with respect for their clients’ privacy.  Our passion is to create a beautiful underwater landscape with happy, healthy animals.

  • Service Greater Atlanta area and surrounding counties
  • Minimal disturbance for commercial, restaurant, office, home visits
  • Knowledgeable, experienced staff
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Reverse osmotic purified water changes for tank clarity and quality
  • Safe, favorable animal cohabitation
  • Fish assessment and relocation
Michele R. Chartier, DDS "Zach, thanks to you, our office aquarium looks great! Our patients always enjoy watching the beautiful fish while in our reception area. You are always so courteous and give us great helpful tips and maintenance advice."

Michael R. Rethinger
Owner law offices of MRR, LLC
"I really wish I had hired Zach when I first moved my aquarium into the office. Within a month after he took over I started receiving complements from my clients on how nice and clear the aquarium looks. Keep up the great work!

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